Funny old commercials 1950

Funny old commercials 1950

If you want to understand the history and culture of a particular place, looking through their older advertisements would be a great place to start. The advertisement is the glossy, pop cultural meeting point between supply and demand, where marketing pros make clear who they think is buying their product and for what reasons.

And as these ads make apparent, marketers have drawn on just about anything to make potential customers' eyes stick. The advertisements featured below demonstrate the great social strides we have made since their publication, but also highlight the thinking that has helped shape our culture for centuries. From mustache trainers to whatever Chill's Tasteless Chill Tonic is, these vintage ads are sure to tickle you.

I mean, you never know when you'll need a health jolting chair, which was marketed as a practical household substitute for the saddle horse. While some of the ads are hilarious, others are insanely offensive such as the one for a pamphlet of secret Asian lovemaking tips. Some are even more distasteful than these sexist beer ads.

For example, could you imagine an ad featuring a wife being spanked today? Or one that showed a man mocking a wife for ruining dinner? Companies such as Ben-Gay and 7-Up even dabbled in the business of misinformed and strange ads. But hey, they must have done something right to stick around this long. I mean at least they're not cocaine drops. Enjoyed these sexist vintage ads? Be sure to check out black and white photos restored in brilliant color and ingeniously creative ads that will make you think twice.

Then, check out some of history's most offensive sexist ads.

Selling Shame: 40 Outrageous Vintage Ads Any Woman Would Find Offensive

By Erin Kelly. From the mustache trainer to PEP Vitamins for women to whatever a health jolting chair is, these vintage ads are both hilarious and highly offensive. Like this gallery? Share it: Share Tweet Email. Source: Xaxor. Source: Bored Panda. Source: Blogspot. Source: Marketing Directo.

Source: Business Insider. Source: Daily Mail. Source: Buzzfeed. Source: Sentimental Journeys. Source: Zion's Trumpet. Source: Envisioning American Dream. Source: Offbeat Earth.From the silly and male chauvinistic, to the dirty deceptive lies, here are some of the most ridiculous vintage ads ever made by the Mad Men of advertising. We can hardly wait!

Please let us know when that day arrives. This ad is so wrong in so many ways. Is this ad endorsing domestic violence over a pot of coffee or a sex game? Let us know in the comments. Go On — Have A Fag!

Once the dangers of smoking became known, cigarette companies tried to put a positive spin on smoking. This ad is a parody by Viz Magazine of those efforts.

23 Vintage Ads That Would Be Banned Today

Regardless, these guys definitely make smoking look cool, right? Three cheers for aluminum caps! A woman can open them without a knife, bottle openers or even a husband!

Definitely a strange ad. And you probably thought it was TANG. Now we know the Ovaltine secret! Please post a comment below if you know what year this ad was from. Think he has his own custom branded ashtrays at The North Pole? Merry Christmas! And Always Stay Thin! With Sanitized Tape Worms.

The tapeworm diet!? Tapeworms truly are Friends for a Fair Form! In East Asia, the rise of militarism occurred. In Western Europe, Australia and the United States, more progressive reforms occurred as opposed to the extreme measures sought elsewhere.

Ultimately, it would be the beginning of World War II in that would end the depression. Friday, April 10, Are you getting a Twitter error that says "If you're not redirected soon please use this link"? Here's how to fix the error so you can use Twitter again in your web browser. Open toolbar.Uploaded by Unknown on July 16, This banner text can have markup. Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Television Commercials ss Movies Preview.

It appears your browser does not have it turned on. Please see your browser settings for this feature. EMBED for wordpress. Want more? Advanced embedding details, examples, and help! Publication date ca. Examples of broadcast advertising from the s and s. Reviewer: Harem Cinema - favorite favorite favorite - February 26, Subject: Much thanks Thank you for sharing these. Very entertaining. Reviewer: PublicDomainInfo - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - September 27, Subject: Never serve a dull, soggy ickle to Granny!

The Heinz pickle commercial was off the charts Reviewer: maximvandervelde - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - September 5, Subject: Very Nice I loved the commercials Reviewer: gtryhtytu - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - September 21, Subject: featuring The Coke commercial featuring the Chaparall and the Cobra really made my day. Nice to see a contemporary view of these innovative cars. I love that band have authentic vinyl from the Sunset label,and had it digitally restored a while back.

I have the studio version of that song,"No Mater",used in the commercial. Reviewer: asker - favorite favorite favorite favorite - February 8, Subject: Public domain - but what about the trademarks Hi - these commercials are categorized as being public domain I'd like to use them for a film project - but what about the trademark rights??

Marlboro etc. Can anybody comment on this? Provide a helpful link?

1950s - 20 Fabulous Ads From The Golden Era (Part 1)

Reviewer: pizza2 - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - October 16, Subject: Retor Commercials The sad thing is that I remembered most of these commercials when they weren't retro.

I really enjoyed watching the old commercials and seeing how the stars were used to push products back then. Reviewer: babe - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - December 21, Subject: geat collection!!

Reviewer: bellhead - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - April 9, Subject: Superb collection. These are really engaging, and any more would be welcome.

You can see they were designed to entertain, not just quickly capture your attention. That's my mother, Margaret Edwards Perkins, playing the straight-laced farmer's wife in this goofy and legendary in our family, at least commerical from the early 's.

It was filled in NYC where she did a number of product advertisements during that era. When I was a kid, she'd occasionally sing the song and we'd all giggle one could never forget a weird jingle like that.

Unlike the dour woman portrayed in this send-up of American Gothic, my mom was a funny and lively individual who eventually shifted her creative focus from acting to poetry.

She passed away in A final funny note: Mom was about 5'11" and she claimed that the actor playing the farmer had to stand on a platform to be taller than her in the commercial. Reviewer: dbrew2u - favorite favorite favorite favorite - September 16, Subject: Different Day Life was indeed simpler back in the day.

These ads reflect just how simple it was. Now it's more complicated and faster paced than ever.By the end ofmore than a quarter of U. Those folks might be saving money, but they are missing out on the magic of commercials.

And while most of the time commercials are annoying—or, at the very best, provide us just the right amount of time to grab a snack—some of them are downright genius. If every commercial were as funny as the 30 on this list, people would be looking forward to watching them, rather than skipping past them on their DVR. For products ranging from sneakers to beer, these TV spots prove that a good piece of advertising is a work of art.

And if you want some laughs you can take to your next party, here are 40 Facts so Funny They're Hard to Believe. Even classic Hollywood monsters can't escape hidden contract fees from cable companies in this funny commercial from Spectrum TVwhich features werewolves, a vampire, a haunted puppet, and a mummy, who is too gullible for his own good and admits to being tricked into his sarcophagus in the first place. This classic Nike commercial has All-Star pitches Greg Maddux and Tom Glavine training to beef up like home-run slugger Mark McGwire, who seemed to get more female attention as a slugger and not a pitcher, brought the phrase "chicks dig the long ball" into the common vernacular.

What makes it so funny is the fact that Maddux and Glavine are perfectly cast, and both are about as threatening as your typical high school math teacher. And for a different kind of sports laugh, check out the 30 Ugliest Uniforms in the History of Sports.

SportsCenter has released a slew of hilarious commercials over the years, but this one parodying a mistaken draft choice—they bring up a rookie broadcaster too young—deserves top marks for showing what happens when you promote green talent too quickly.

Traumatic brain injuries aside, it would be kind of wonderful to have an "office linebacker" like the one in this Reebok commercial to make sure people stick to workplace policies like refilling the coffee pot, recycling, and using the right cover sheets on reports.

Vintage Toy Commercial Compilation

The only thing the ants want in this commercial is a little milk to wash down some brownies. But what they get is heartache when one brave fellow sets off on a doomed quest to bring something to drink back to his people. And if you think ants at a picnic are bad, check out the 30 Worst Things About Summer.

The little lad who loves berries and cream in this Starburst ad is a comedic commercial classic.

funny old commercials 1950

His wacky dance and strange song are still remembered over a decade later. And he has a right to be angry. To get beaten up by coworkers is bad enough, but to get beaten up for something as gross as chocolate Skittles really adds insult to injury.

This commercial from energy company Epuron about a lonely man who gets on the nerves of every single person he encounters has one of the best payoffs in the history of commercials when he is revealed to actually be the wind personified.

Virgin Mobile takes us on a Cribs -style tour of the second-most famous man in the Pitt family, Doug Pitt, in this commercial. Yes, that really is Brad Pitt's brother, and his life is far from as glamorous as his famous brother's. This Belgian commercial for Zazoo condoms offers a different take on responsible family planning, by reminding us all that if you don't have children, you'll never have to listen to them scream in the supermarket.

The entire commercial was filmed in one take and features Isaiah Mustafa explaining all the ways he's probably more manly than the man you're currently dating, including being on a boat and a horse. Some people found these creepy creatures and the song they sing including a famous line about a pepper bar mildly disturbing, but you can't deny their effectiveness.

After 15 years, people are still laughing. Geico has made too many hilarious commercials to count, but for sheer enthusiasm, the talking camel in this one can't be beat. After all, who's better to be excited about "hump day" at the office than your camel co-worker?

Kevin Bacon's Kevin Bacon impersonation in this commercial for Logitech is just off enough to be creepy and just on enough to be funny. He quotes his lines from movies and plugs his own band, all while looking ever-so-slightly not like Kevin Bacon, thanks to convincing makeup. And if you love David Harbour, you're not alone.

Vintage Commercials - 153 Mp3 Downloads Available

IKEA raises an interesting point in this commercial.Watching old toy commercials on YouTube can be a fun way to bring back fond memories of the past. I often take a trip down memory lane by watching my favorite toy commercials from the s. But in addition to the toy commercials that you remember loving, YouTube is also chock-full of a bunch of really weird toy commercials that make you raise an eyebrow and wonder who came up with these crazy toys.

Did you play with any of these toys as a kid?

funny old commercials 1950

Can you? And how about Milky the Marvelous Milking Cow? Milky drinks water and then you can milk her! Now my question is, why did they start making Mr.

Potato head out of plastic? How much cooler do these guys look when they are made of actual potatoes? This has got to be the creepiest toy commercial of all time. This is the stuff nightmares are made of! The Ding-A-Lings are a source of unbelievable excitement and fun! Holy smoke!

Which Ding-A-Ling do you like best? For this reason, the jingle from the original Barbie commercial is a little bit creepy. Barbie, beautiful Barbie! Megan covers everything from the latest viral videos to online video news and tips, and has a passion for bizarre, original and revolutionary content and ideas.

By Megan O'Neill. Adweek Adweek. Recommended articles. Brand Values. TV Upfronts.On a dark Sunday evening, three Cold War women kidnap the Colonel during his evening stroll, throw him into a dark van, and drive him….

Watch It! Featured Selection. On a dark Sunday evening, three Cold War women kidnap the Colonel during his evening stroll, throw him into a dark van, and drive him… Read More. Viewer Favorites. October 21, October 8, October 28, Classic Jingle. October 1, December 17, October 29, First Barbie Doll Commercial from November 21, Coca Cola is Great for Weight Loss!

October 27, September 30, Lucky Strike Cigarette Square Dance. March 10, Dorothy Gray — Radioactive Cold Cream. November 16, Cereal — Cheerios Kid. November 14, Cereal — Cheerios and V8 for Healthy Breakfast. November 13, Soda — King Size Coca Cola. Barbie — Introducing Ken. November 19, December 1, Taco Bell TV Commerical. Friskies — Little Friskies.Close-up of an egg stuck to a bandage, immersed into a glass container of boiling water.

Close-up shot under the water of dishes at the bottom of a sink. Shot of children playing through a chicken wire fence. Muybridge type shots of a girl on a swing, a boy on a pogo stick, a girl jumping rope, and a boy rollerskating. Close-up of a bin of peaches, of a hand holding a peach, a thumb pressing on a hairbrush, a man shaving with an electric shaver, an electric shaver shaving a peach, and an electric shaver shaving the bristles of a brush.

Close-up of a blade being put in a razor and a razor being rinsed under a faucet. Close-up of a photograph of a guy who looks like a detective. A detective guy smoking, gestures subtly with his eyes.

Shot of a woman's feet walking and an envelope being dropped on the ground near a man's foot. Spy woman walks through a love bead curtain. Detective woman on the telephone, speaking softly while her eyes dart around. Seductive spy woman looks through a beaded curtain. It crosses the crest of the great Northwest, and it's known as the Alcan run". This military type march, presents the "trucks of the task force fleet" and shows them driving on the rough mountainous roads.

Aerial shot of cars driving on a city street.

funny old commercials 1950

Fast motion shots of a Renault with balloons hanging out the window driving around a corner. Shot from behind the driver's seat down a road following a truck. Aerial shot of a large car partially wedged in a parallel parking space and driving away, the Renalt parallel parking between the parked autos. Shot in the front seat of a smiling man in a business suit.

Close-up of the steering wheel and the honking of the horn. Animation map of the U. Close-up of the license plate of a Chevrolet, slow zoom out from a little girl looking out the rear window and winking, a man walks past her and pats her head.

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